About us

Blausitges is a family company established in 2004, with almost 20 years of experience managing properties for short term rentals.

We are a couple who has always liked to travel a lot. In most of our trips we looked for types of accommodation that helps us feel like a local. Apartments always offered us this feature… we are able to decide our own schedules, cook our meals using local products ...

After visiting different cities and staying in many apartments, we decided to start our own business to offer our experience to travelers visiting to our wonderful town, Sitges, and to share with them our extensive knowledge of this small town, recommending all restaurants, bars, shops and places that we like.

Way back in 2004, and after a few months of preparation, we published our first web. The name chosen for our company was Blausitges, which is the name given to the peculiar blue color that adorns many buildings in Sitges.

The beginnings were not easy, but some owners trusted us and thanks to that, we were able to start with a good selection of accommodation in Sitges and its surroundings.

Gradually, our portfolio of apartments was extended due to the high demand from customers who wanted to visit Sitges and trusted our company.

Changes in online business has been rapid and constant and forced us to adapt quickly to the needs of each moment.

The website you are visiting now is our fourth web. It’s a super-modern site, for now !!!

Over time, our apartments have been changing and improving. All accommodation that we offer has been personally visited by us to make sure that they meet our quality standards, and those which we believe will not please our customers, are not included in our web.

Our company, Blausitges, only offers apartments that meet all legal requirements under the rules of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

We want our customers to have a good experience during their stay in Sitges and we work with this aim in mind. We also like to listen to suggestions from our visitors and owners who entrust their homes to us.

If you decide to book one of our properties, we will be happy to help you choose the best option for you and your group.

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Greetings from Sitges,

Mercè and Josep.